Jogo Group

The Jogo Group is the parent for several companies dedicated to the
development of tourism-orientated projects in South Lombok and
West Sumbawa, Indonesia.

We have been investing in the area for the
last 7 years and have 4 sites under management.

Fund Management

We offer a hands-off opportunity to invest into premium Indonesian beachfront land in emerging tourism destinations backed by government-led infrastructure development.

To leverage on economies of scale, we aggregate groups of investors to acquire carefully selected and undervalued land-bank assets.

Each property is a separate fund with investors buying shares in the holding company which owns and/or controls it.

We manage the investment process from start to finish and place great emphasis on Western standard corporate governance and concise investor relations. We have full-time staff locally on all our projects managing day-to-day operations as well as the management team based in Singapore and Bali.

We have over 200 investors and USD 25M under management.


Direct Land Sales

We offer sub-divided land plots with direct road access, drainage and with basic infrastructure in place. This allows you to own the land directly and offers a fantastic financial investment for capital appreciation.

Sourcing the right investment, particularly in land acquisitions, can be a time consuming and costly process. Jogo Beach has been carefully researched to offer you a chance to buy your own land plot without having to spend considerable time and money researching the investment. The Jogo Group carry out significant pre and post-acquisition due diligence to ensure all land is clear of issues.

As a land buyer, you have full control over your plot and have a number of options ranging from:

  • Constructing your villa (for personal or investment purposes to generate further capital gains and yield)
  • Dividing your land into smaller plots for re-sale or sharing with others
  • Sitting & Holding and creating your own land investment leveraging on the continuing trend of rapidly increasing land prices for premium land with sea views

The Jogo Group's full-time local team can maintain your plot, help you plan and construct a villa as well as manage your villa rentals.


Our Projects

Jogo Cove

Jogo Cove

We found the perfect cove in West Sumbawa. Visit our Jogo Cove website for more details.

Jogo Hills

Jogo Hills

A striking cliff top headland flanked by two sandy beaches. Welcome to South Lombok! Visit our Jogo Hills website for more details.

Jogo Beach

Jogo Beach

The perfect location to build your dream holiday villa in South Lombok. Visit our Jogo Beach website for more details.